The Sherwin Family Vineyards Story

After almost 30 years as a Builder and Developer in the Bay Area, Steve Sherwin was ready to make a lifestyle change. He and his wife, Linda, were looking for a quieter, more relaxed setting to raise their three children. Steve’s buddy, a fifth generation grape grower in Napa Valley, suggested that they look for property in Napa Valley and grow grapes. His buddy assured him that, although farming is a lot of hard work, it was not nearly as stressful as building and developing.

30 Acres At The Top of Spring Mountain

In 1996, the Sherwins purchased 30 acres at the top of Spring Mountain and began their Wine Country adventure. In late 1999, Sherwin Family Vineyards released their first wine, a 1996 Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.

Since then, the Sherwins have been hosting wine lovers at their beautiful tasting room overlooking the Estate’s vineyards and lake. And enjoying the peaceful beauty of life on Spring Mountain.

It turns out that Steve’s Buddy was right. Steve says it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

The Next Generation of the Vineyard

Growing up on the family’s vineyard estate the Sherwin children have been surrounded by winemaking and viticulture as a way of life. Now adults, they’ve followed their parent’s path and joined in the family business. Matt Sherwin has taken on the role of assistant winemaker and vineyard manager, while sister Lindsey graciously hosts special groups and handles events. Together they bring the family owned and operated winery to the next generation, keeping the family’s patriotic roots alive in their approach.