History of Spring Mountain Wineries, St. Helena

Named for a group of mountains and their numerous springs, Spring Mountain lies between Napa and Sonoma Valleys. The region is dotted with picturesque lines of grapes growing on painstakingly terraced slopes, and Spring Mountain is home to dozens of working vineyards. Sherwin Family Vineyards, a Spring Mountain winery, is proud to be among that number and works hard to ensure that your visit will be a memorable experience.

A Brief History of Spring Mountain

A member of the Mayacamas Mountains, Spring Mountain is nestled above St. Helena. First planted in 1874, Spring Mountain gained recognition as an American Viticulture Area, or AVA, in 1993. Since then, Spring Mountain wineries have built a respectable reputation as a producer of fine vintages. When Miravalle was built a few years later, the stage was set.

Humble Beginnings

La Perla Vineyard was the first of a new wave of wine lovers and their vineyards in 1874. Founded by Charles Lemme, that modest 25-acre enterprise led to the Beringers expanding their operation into Spring Mountain a short time later. Once the area became an AVA in 1993, other wineries such as Sherwin Family Vineyards in 1996, set up operations in this idyllic region.

Spring Mountain News

Spring Mountain has been drawing prominent attention for more than a century. Eyebrows were raised when Tiburcio Parrott, a San Francisco banker built a Victorian-style home in the area and established Miravalle. The idea of growing world-class grapes in such rocky, hilly terrain was preposterous in 1893, but Miravalle’s gold medal win at the World’s Fair caused other future vintners to give Spring Mountain serious consideration.

Spring Mountain Grapes

Spring Mountain AVA is comprised of 8,600 acres, with over 1,000 acres already in cultivation. The terraced rows add a feeling of purpose with their precise organization along the region’s hillsides. The attitudes are more laid back and the unique climate is ideal for wine grapes to go through the ripening process, known as veraison. Unlike the sprawling old-world vineyards, Spring Mountain is home to many smaller vineyards tucked among the hillside’s forests and mystique.

All these years later, and Spring Mountain is still known for its distinctive premium wines, each the result of wine-lovers turned investors who were willing to put the time and work into making what has become some of the finest wines out of Napa Valley. From exquisite wines to extraordinary vintners, Spring Mountain is a unique experience.

St. Helena and Spring Mountain have everything you need for a weekend break, vacation escape, or just a getaway for mom and dad. Visit us and you’ll taste some of the best wines Sherwin Family Vineyards has to offer while experiencing the best of our corner of the Napa Valley.

Written by Matt Sherwin