Springing Forward at Sherwin Family Vineyards

In the Vineyard

Here on Spring Mountain we've been experiencing a dry and warm start to Spring. With the days growing longer and warmer, we are seeing the first signs of bud break in our vineyard. The vines will be in full swing within the next week or so. We completed pruning about a month ago, so we have been ready and waiting for the 2022 vintage to emerge from our dormant vines.

We were lucky to have received above average rainfall late in 2021, which filled up our pond from its dangerously low levels. Unfortunately, that was about all of the rain that we got. Since then it has been a very dry year so far. We will rely on our pond to irrigate the vineyard, but with the dry conditions we will not be surprised if our yields for the 2022 vintage are meager. We will find out!  

In the Cellar

We are excited to say that the 2021 vintage is shaping up nicely. With the near-perfect growing season and excellent quality of the fruit, we think the 2021 vintage could be one of the best vintages ever made at Sherwin Family Vineyards. We could not be happier to re-emerge with such a delicious vintage in the wake of the 2020 fires!

On the Construction Front

With our fresh building permit in hand, we are moving full steam ahead on the winery rebuild. As of this week, the roof is complete, the fire sprinkler system is complete, the stucco contractors are prepping, and the insulation is going in. We are making great headway and the winery is really starting to take shape. We are still not out of the woods and have a ton of work ahead of us, but we can see light at the end of the tunnel. The feeling of loss and devastation is diminishing with every step we take towards completing the rebuild. Luckily building and construction runs in Steve Sherwin’s blood, and he has taken great measures to get us where we are today. 


We look forward to showing everyone the new winery in the Fall of 2022!

Written by Matt Sherwin
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