Spring Mountain Wine Tasting Goes Virtual

Perhaps the biggest annual tradition here in Napa County is wine tasting. After all, wine production is one of our major industries. With COVID-19 halting in person visits to our tasting rooms, Sherwin Family Vineyards, like many other Spring Mountain wineries, continues to sell online and host virtual wine tastings.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Some Napa wineries are participating in a “virtual” wine tasting. Customers purchase and then try their wines at home – privately or during a scheduled web meeting such as Facebook Live or Zoom. We think these are great because they allow members and new customers to stay connected with their favorite wineries. If it is your first time attending a virtual wine tasting be sure to pour yourself a sample of the featured wine and ask questions! Great questions to ask include:

  • How long should you let it/this/a wine breathe?
  • What foods do you recommend I pair this with?
  • What temperature do you serve this wine at?

Other options

If you don’t like the idea of a virtual wine tasting, there are other options. For instance, some companies are offering classes about wine. These will teach you something new, while allowing you to try a variety of wines. Some even use Zoom to form a wine-centered class with the opportunity to socialize. In short, wine lovers everywhere can find a way to try new things and connect with one another.

If you are local to the region, some places are offering drive-thrus, wine-thrus and blind tasting pick ups.

Buying Wine During Lockdown

Although we are currently not open for visitors, it is still possible to buy our highly rated wines. We recently released our 2019 white and rose wines which may be purchased directly on our website.

When Are We Reopening?

If you’re planning a trip to Spring Mountain, you’re probably wondering when our tasting room will be open. While ordering wine is always an option, we are not sure as to when we will reopen. Once we receive permission to reopen, we will probably have reduced capacity and other restrictions such as mask requirements. Rest assured, your safety, and that of our staff, are the most important consideration.

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Written by Matt Sherwin