Reopening Our Patio

Reopening Our Patio

Reopening Sherwin Family Vineyards-May2021
We hope that you are enjoying the first glimpse of Spring, always such a time of renewal, especially here at Sherwin Family Vineyards. Our new winery and tasting room are going up right now, and we cannot wait to welcome you back.


While the winery building was destroyed, we were very fortunate that our lovely patios were virtually untouched. So now that the weather is more consistent, we would love to welcome a very limited number of guests to taste outside on our patio beginning May 1. Please call 707-963-1154 or email to schedule your tasting.

Each Spring, one of the most important celebrations is MOTHER’S DAY, and it is right around the corner. Since it is getting too warm to economically ship wine in many parts of the country, we would like to offer you a new way to share our wine with the special Mothers in your life:

Sherwin Family Vineyards Gift Certificates

Sherwin Family Vineyards Gift Certificates

They are available in any amount, and we will include a personalized note with each gift certificate.

Please email if you would like to send a special gift to someone special in your life.

Thank you all for your continuing support. We couldn’t do it without you!


The Team at Sherwin Family Vineyards
Rebuilding – Progress Continues

Rebuilding – Progress Continues

The rebuild at Sherwin Family Vineyards continues!

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Drop the Harvest – Update

Drop the Harvest – Update

Well, in keeping with the craziness in our world right now, we just received early notification from the Napa Valley Vintners Association that, due to a surge in COVID-19 cases, Napa County is going to be placed back in the more restrictive Red Tier COVID Protocols next Wednesday, November 4.

Under these stricter guidelines, we are not allowed to have a gathering of any kind on our property. 

SO, we will have to cancel our Drop the Harvest Party scheduled for November 7. We will try to reschedule, but that will depend on the restrictions being lifted and the nice weather holding out.

We want to thank all of you for eagerly and generously offering to help. We truly appreciate the outpouring of support that we received.

We've always known that we have the world's best customers, and you all keep reinforcing that on a daily basis.

 THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We truly appreciate it! 

The Team at Sherwin Family Vineyards

The Clean Up Begins

The Clean Up Begins

Post fire clean up has been quite the challenge but we are making great progress!

5 Fun, Safe Adventures to do in Wine Country

5 Fun, Safe Adventures to do in Wine Country

The main attraction of vacationing in St. Helena is the rich availability of Spring Mountain winery tours, wine tastings, and beautiful vineyards. Once you’ve tasted wine to your heart’s content, sampled the famous Patriotic Pour, and soaked in the stunning valley views, you might want to venture out and see some of the other attractions Spring Mountain and Napa areas have to offer.

As of summer 2020, most people are still exercising caution and maintaining social distance. However, this is no reason to spend the summer indoors! Indeed, the Napa County Shelter-at-Home Order now allows for outdoor sports and activities that can be done without close contact.

Here are five fun outdoor activities that will round out your wine tasting vacation and keep the whole family happy.

Kayaking and boating

Lake Berryessa is just one of the local possibilities if you’re looking to get out on the water for the day. Grab a boat and hit the lake via one of the kayak-friendly boat ramps that provide gentle and easy access to the water. Or, if you prefer to get a little wetter, jump in for a swim or rent a paddleboard or jet ski for maximum adventure.

Tour of the wetlands

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife habitats as you boat through the wetlands, because the area is absolutely teeming with life. Choose a close friend and hop in a paddleboat, and spend your day immersed in the beautiful scenery while you listen to your guide’s knowledge of local history, including some exciting ghost-town lore.

Hot air balloon rides

If you think the views of Napa Valley are incredible from the mountaintops, imagine how much you could see drifting through the sky. Pre-book your small group so you know you’re comfortable sharing a basket with only close friends!

Hiking trails

Truly, there is no shortage of things to see in California if you’re willing to venture out and look in the right places. Take a casual, dog-friendly stroll along numerous creeks, walkthrough immense redwood forests, or challenge yourself to an intense mountain hike. Just be aware that different trails cater to a wide variety of skill levels, so make sure you choose your route carefully ahead of time.

Guided bicycle tours

You don’t have to bring your own bike to enjoy the rich history and amazing scenery of a guided bike tour. Rent a bike, bring a friend, and get some great exercise at your own pace, all while maintaining a safe distance from others.

After a thrilling day, relax with a glass of great wine and great views. Sherwin Family Vineyards is dedicated to keeping your family’s safety and health as our top priority. Call (707) 963-1154 or use the online contact form to book a tasting appointment.

Spring Mountain’s Patriotic Pour

Spring Mountain’s Patriotic Pour

It’s almost the fourth of July, and if you’re like everyone else in the U.S., you’re probably wondering how to celebrate it. COVID-19 has made gathering in large groups to watch fireworks fairly unappealing, and after several weeks of lockdown, you’re probably itching to get out and do something different.

Sherwin Family Vineyards located in the stunning district of spring mountain wineries offers you a way to relax in peace and solitude while still observing summer’s most patriotic holiday.

Rather than sweating in the heat and waiting in line for Napa Valley’s tourist-heavy attractions, head to St. Helena and join the Sherwin family for their moving display of love for their country.

What is the Patriotic Pour?

The Sherwins originally created this bottle as a lasting tribute to the Americans who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. They were honored to feature this bottle in a wine auction to benefit the families of victims lost in the attacks. To their delight, it was received with great success. 

Beautifully etched, hand-painted, and filled with Sherwin Family Vineyards’ best Estate Cabernet, the bottle also proudly features “In God We Trust” and “United We Stand” as part of the design.

    What makes this tribute one-of-a-kind?

    The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has a long history of prohibiting alcohol manufacturers from using the American flag’s image on their labels. 

     Sherwin Family Vineyards is different. They are the only company that has ever obtained approval for putting the flag’s image on their Patriotic Pour label.

    Are the bottles available for purchase?

    Yes. A limited amount are produced every year and either donated to charity causes or sold to customers. Pick one up by stopping by the winery, or browse the vineyard’s full selection of wines online.

    While the striking American flag bottle is available for purchase online, the beauty of this tribute is best enjoyed in person. 

    Take a moment of remembrance this fourth of July to honor those who are no longer with us and be a part of the ongoing tradition of the Patriotic Pour.

    How can I visit the winery and see the Patriotic Pour?

    At Sherwin Family Vineyards, we are dedicated to providing a memorable wine-tasting experience while keeping your health and safety our top priority. To schedule your tasting appointment call us (707) 963-1154 or use the online contact form. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.
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